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Zeus on the Loose

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Can you catch Zeus? In Zeus on the Loose, The Greek god has deserted Mount Olympus and it's up to you to catch this sneaky deity. Strategically deal your cards and add numbers as you ascend the mythic mountain. Grab him when the total is a multiple of 10. Or for a better chance, employ the powers of Poseidon, Apollo or Hera to take hold of Zeus. Climb to the top of Mount Olympus with a captured Zeus and enjoy the view as a mortal among the greatest Greek gods. To play is human, to win - divine!

Plus, aside from supreme powers, the Greek gods have something more to offer - change the course of card games! As you discover the workings of the gods, you'll be able to form more strategies, along with valuable addition and subtraction skills. A word of advice: Hera may be the most powerful goddess in the game, aim to please her or she'll help your rivals catch Zeus instead!


Players: 2-5

Ages: 8 and up

Gametime: 15 minutes


  • 56 cards
  • Zeus figurine
  • rules of play


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