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In Splendor, you’re the leader of a merchant guild during the Renaissance. In your quest to acquire the most prestige points, you’ll buy gem mines, set up shops, and acquire means of transportation. You might even be visited by noble patrons, which further increases your prestige.

Splendor is quick to learn, set up, and plays in about a half an hour. Each turn is only one action, so it’s fast-paced. Unlike many games that work for two but are better played with more, this card-and-token board game works extremely well with two players, though the addition of a third or fourth player varies the game dynamic considerably. Splendor is popular with children as young as eight, but requires enough skill and foresight to keep adults entertained. It’s little wonder Splendor has been nominated for awards including the industry’s most prestigious Spiel de Jahres award.


  • Limited actions and resource management.
  • Challenging economic theme.
  • Beautiful art.

Players: 2-4

Ages: 10 and Up

Gametime: 30 minutes


  • 35 precious gem tokens
  • 5 gold tokens
  • 90 development cards
  • 10 noble cards, rules.

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