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  • Panamax board game
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Product Description

The Panama Canal is over a hundred years old yet remains to be one of the most important and astounding engineering achievements in modern times.

Built in 1914, it had an important role in deploying military vessels during World War I and in the events that followed. These days, its core business revolves around commercial usage, its economic impact profound, region developed, and has helped establish shipping all over the globe.

The Canal's opening influenced hull designs, ships were categorized into three groups: those that could travel with ease and in groupds (Feeder class), humongous ocean ships too big to enter the Canal (ULCV or Ultra Large Container Vessels), and the new standard - built to match the limits of the Canal. These ships are called PANAMAX.

In Panamax, you manage a shipping company built in the Colón Free Trade Zone. Companies accept contracts from US coasts, Europe and China, and shop cargo to earn, entice investment and pay dividends. Simultaneously, you accumulate your own stock investment and try to make as much money as possible to have the largest personal fortune and come out on top as the winner!


Players: 2-4

Ages: 12 and Up

Gametime: 100 minutes


  • Game Board
  • Rule Book
  • Summary and Bonus card leaflet
  • 4 Company Clipboards; 1 per player
  • 4 wood cubes; 1 per player
  • 4 wooden discs; 1 per player
  • 16 Company ship tiles; 4 per player
  • 20 Shares of Company Stock; 5 Shares per Company
  • 36 Cargo dice; 9 dice per player color
  • 51 cards; 24 Contract, 8 Setup Contract, 5 Captain, 5 Stevedore, 9 Financial Advisor
  • 44 flag tokens; 11 per national territory
  • 16 white Action dice
  • 8 Unique ship tiles; 4 Military, 3 Cruise, 1 Panamax
  • 24 tokens; 8 Passenger; 7 Bailout; 4 $50; 3 Managing Director Awards; 1 Lock & 1 Waterway marker
  • 90 plastic coins; 60 $5, 30 $1


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