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Knit Wit

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Knit Wit is a word game letting you think of unique answers to certain categories to score points, but instead of following fixed categories, you and the others generate your own categories.

To set up, you take numbered spools and looped strings based on how many are playing, together with an answer sheet. Again, dependent of how many are playing, there are a number of bonus buttons with 1-4 holes stacked on the table. In a clockwise turn, every player puts one loop on the table so that one spool is surrounded, then he pulls a word tag from the box and attaches it to that loop and puts one spool in a section of loops without one. 

When all the spools have been placed, all the players race to come up with names, words or phrases for every spool based on the word tags associated with it. If a spool has 3 spools around it, for instance, it has 3 words associated with it, and your answer must be relevant to those words.

Once a player is all out of answers, he or she grabts the topmost button on the stack. When the final button is taken, players can't write more answers. You then compare your answers with the others, crossing out the common ones you have with others, then score points for the words that remain. Every answer is worth as much points as the number of loops there are around the spool. Buttons are worth as much points as the holes they have, and you win by having the highest score.



Ages: 13 and up

Gametime: 40 minutes


  • 114 word tags
  • 1 «Shuffle» tag
  • 8 loops
  • 8 numbered spools
  • 8 clothespins
  • 4 bonus buttons
  • 8 pencils
  • 1 score pad
  • Rules

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