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  • Hull Breach: Loyalty and Vigilance Card Game
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Hull Breach: Loyalty and Vigilance

Greenbrier Games

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Product Description

Hull Breach is a sci-fi cards-and-dice game set in the future and puts players in command of a space station out among the stars. Their mission is to improve their station, build a powerful fleet of warships and Marines, and then destroy their opponents with help from various events, tactics and technological breakthroughs!

Players take turns drawing cards, managing their per-turn economic gain, and manufacturing what forces they can before deciding whether or not to attack their enemies or continue biding their time. Games can be short and brutal, or they can be long and cautious, but the end result is the same: only one player can be left standing to achieve dominance of the sector. Some players will be adept at producing sheer numbers of ships, others at making a smaller number of ships more powerful individually, and others at simply stalling, manipulating, and controlling their foes.

Hull Breach: Loyalty & Vigilance is a companion set to Hull Breach: Corporate Wars and introduces two new factions to compete with the Corporations: The Republic Defense Force and the Colonials. Also included is the “Stellar Tax Gate Bureau,” a deck which is a new member of the Corporate faction.

Players: 2 - 8

Ages: 13 and up

Game time: 60 minutes


  • The three decks
  • A supply of ten-sided dice
  • Four different stocks of colored plastic beads and tokens for keeping track of various game effects
  • A soft-bound rulebook
  • A soft-bound fiction supplement containing more information about the game universe

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