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  • Hisss: The Colorful Snake-Making Card Game
  • Hisss: The Colorful Snake-Making Card Game Snake
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Hisss: The Colorful Snake-Making Card Game


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Product Description

In Hisss: The Colorful Snake-Making Card Game, you try to form snakes and make them as long as possible. A snake is always made of a head-section, middle-section and tail-section. You win if you form the most number of snakes, and be sure to make it long!

Shuffle the cards and place them face down fan-like on the table. Draw one card from the "fan" and place it face-up in the middle of the table. In turn, every player draws a card from the "fan" with the goal to match the color of the one in the middle. The card can be turned around to match. When the two cards match, a snake is started.

If you draw a card which can't be placed next to a card or a snake in the middle, the card is then placed by itself in the center of the table. A card drawn from the "fan" can be placed next to a snake to make it longer. You can make it longer on both sides. If you've already added a head or tail to the snake, you cannot lengthen it where you placed the head or tail. A headless or tailless snake is an incomplete snake. An incomplete snake stays in the middle of the table until they are completed and taken.

A complete snake doesn't need to have all the colors. You are able to complete a snake by placing a head or a tail with the matching color close to the "open" side of the snake. You may then be able to pick up the snake from the middle of the table and place it directly in front of you.

Rainbow coloured heads and tails are jokers. They may be placed next to each middle-section of a snake.

If there are several incomplete snakes in the center of the table, the player to draw a matching card from the "fan" will be able to connect two incomplete snakes. He or she then picks up the combined snake and places it in front of him or her. You are only allowed to connect two incomplete snakes if you use the card you just draw from the "fan".

The game is concluded when the last card is drawn from the "fan". If you are the one to draw the last card and it can complete a snake, you can pick up the snake and place it in front of you. Now the cards get counted. You win if you have the most cards. If there is another player with the same number of cards as yours, the one with the longest snake wins!


Players: 2-5

Ages: 4 and up

Gametime: 15 minutes


  • 50 snake cards:6 heads
  • 6 tails
  • 36 mid-sections
  • 2 wild cards
  • Instructions

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