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  • Concordia Board Game


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Product Description

2,000 years ago, the Mediterranean Sea is witness to the Roman Empire's reign in its lands. The Roman dynasties and the economy flourished among the several cities with the peace they brought to the provinces, borders, as well as organized law and a common currency. Manage on of these dynasties and deploy colonist to the remote areas of the Empire; build your trade network; and please the Gods to win their side for a change to come out on top!

CONCORDIA is a peaceful strategy game during the Roman times with economic development for up to 5 players. Rather than relying on luck, you must rely on your strategic abilities. Make sure you are on the lookout for your rivals to know what goals they are targetting and where you can outplay them.


If you were able to get hold of the game's first copies, you may encounter one of the following errors:

Action of the Colonist card (second part): The rulebook states that for each colonist you have on the board, you take two Sestertii, the card itself (as an alternative to building new colonists), the actual card states 5 plus 1 Sestertii for each colonist. The card is correct. The rulebook has older versions of the rule, which was changed at the last minute so that the Colonist is more useful in the early stages of the game, when you still have a few colonists.

Cost of the Diplomat card in subset number IV (English card set only): The card says "Food" as cost but it has the anvil symbol for tools. The symbol is correct, tools are the cost, not food.


Players: 2 - 5

Ages: 13 and up

Gametime: 90 minutes


  • Game board: Imperium (3 - 5 players) / Italia (2 - 4 players)
  • 193 wooden pieces
    • 75 houses
    • 15 sea colonists
    • 15 land colonists
    • 5 scoring markers
    • 83 individually shaped units of goods

Consisting of:

  • 12 wine
  • 20 brick
  • 18 food
  • 15 tools
  • 18 cloth 
  • Cardboard pieces
    • 5 storehouses
    • 30 city tokens
    • 24 bonus markers
    • 48 Coins (as 16x1, 12x2, 11x5, 9x10 Sestertii)
  • 72 Cards Rules
    • 65 personality cards
    • 5 player aids
    • 1 Concordia
    • 1 Praefectus Magnus
  • Quick intro
  • Historical information booklet


  • The first copies of the game had a few misprinted cards.

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