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  • Caverna the Cave Farmers board game

Caverna: The Cave Farmers

MayFair Games

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Product Description

Caverna - A redesign of its smash-hit predecessor Agricola, Caverna focuses on farming, with new elements and twists from well-known game designer Uwe Rosenberg. This worker-placement game requires well-honed tactics and strategic thinking over all the varied development paths.

You are the leader of a family of cave-dwelling dwarves. You begin with a game board with 12 farm spaces and 12 cavern spaces, as well as two workers and some food. Each member of your farming family represents an action such as cultivating the forest for your animals’ pasture, sowing the fields, or digging into the mountain in search of ore, rubies, or sources of water. The ore enables you to forge weapons that in turn enable you to go on expeditions to gain bonus items, while the rubies and water sources increase your wealth. You can also expand your family. The player with the most efficiently developed home board over 12 rounds of play wins.

Caverna is designed for up to seven players, but there is a solo variant to help you familiarize yourself with the 48 different furnishing tiles for your cave. Total game time is approximately 30-45 minutes per player.

Players: 1-7

Ages: 12 and Up

Gametime: 30-210 minutes


  • over 300 wooden pieces for animals, resources and dwarfs
  • over 60 acrylic nuggets for Ore and Ruby
  • 16 game boards
  • 16 punchboards with over 400 pieces
  • 30 Cards
  • 1 score sheet
  • 1 rulebook
  • 1 appendix

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